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Why should you trust Tiing with your cash wedding registry?

What is an online cash wedding registry?

Are you getting married this summer? Or is your best friend getting ready to say “I do” ? Do you have a long and wonderful registry in mind? Or, would you like your guests to contribute to the event or your honeymoon?

An online cash wedding registry is just like a “digitalized” wedding money box, it is the best way to take full advantage of your big day! Thanks to the creation of an online cash registry, you will be able to direct your guests to this efficient and safe way of fundraising for a wedding gift. So, no more never-ending wedding registries and envelope giving! Start your online cash wedding registry now, and don’t lose a second of the biggest day of your life!

You want to treat yourself and that’s perfectly normal. Want an unforgettable honeymoon, to change up your interior decoration, a high-tech gadget that you don’t dare buying yourself... With the online cash wedding registry, give free rein to all your desires!

How can I make my cash wedding registry more successful?

The more your friends and family know what they are involved in, the more implicated they will feel. Personalizing your cash wedding registry allows participants to project themselves better! Think about people having different budgets, there are no small gifts, only very good intentions.

How much money to give at wedding

Ah, the age-old question of whether to give a wedding gift or a cash wedding gift. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, allow us to guide you through this difficult process. The key is understanding your unique connection with the couple, their preferences, and, of course, your own budget.
What truly matters is the sincerity behind your wedding money gift, whether it is a heartfelt token or a larger contribution. Remember, it is the love and good wishes you share that will make your gift priceless, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts. So, let your heart lead the way and give from its boundless generosity!

We help you creating the best wedding registry

A wedding registry typically includes a wide range of items that the couple would appreciate receiving as wedding gifts. These items are divided into several categories and cater to the couple's needs, interests, and lifestyle. Here are some common items found on a wedding registry:

Remember that the wedding registry is a chance for the couple to express their preferences and needs, so the items on the registry will vary greatly depending on their tastes and lifestyle. It's a thoughtful way for guests to choose gifts that will be meaningful and appreciated by the newlyweds.

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