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Colleague retirement gift: looking for an idea?

Retiring? Some days, let's face it, it's a dream come true! But retirement is still one of life's milestones:

It's a real life-changer!

So there's nothing better than a retirement gift for that colleague who's going to have to reinvent his or her everyday life. But what kind of retirement gift? And that's where things get complicated...

Despite your secret meeting for the organization of a leaving party, no one has come up with the idea of the century. Yes, she/he fishes, but what equipment does she/he have again? Sure, she loves to travel, but she's been all over the planet, hasn't she? He did talk about taking up golf, but where?

In short, either the leads are numerous, or worse, you have no idea, because he (she) keeps saying he (she) already has everything! Don't panic, we've got THE solution: the online money pool that he (she) can transfer to his (her) account and use as he (she) pleases! The ideal alternative for spoiling that future retiree.

Why the online money pool is the perfect retirement gift for a colleague?

The online money pool is an ideal retirement gift for the future a leaving party.
Here are the main advantages of the online retirement savings account:

An online retirement money pool makes money poolraising easy: organizing an online money pool is simple and convenient. It takes just a few clicks and a few minutes to create a money pool page on Tiing. Then, you share the link with the rest of the teams, partners, suppliers... with everyone who has worked with the future retiree. You also save yourself the often tedious task of making the rounds of offices to collect money.

An online retirement money pool makes contributions easy: each participant can contribute according to his or her financial means, without pressure or judgment. Anonymity of amount is a possible option on Tiing, putting everyone at ease. Big or small, everyone is free to contribute.

An online retirement money pool facilitates group participation: with an online money pool, you'll be able to easily reach a larger number of people than with a traditional collection. In just one click, you can share the money pool with as many people as possible to raise even more money pools.

An online retirement money pool makes the surprise easy: In many companies, the traditional envelopes circulating from office to office, collecting money pools, sometimes end up... on the retiring person's desk! The result? The surprise gift is ruined. With an online money pool, everything takes place virtually, away from prying eyes. Transactions are secure and confidential, guaranteeing that the final surprise is preserved right up to the last moment.

What is an appropriate gift for a retirement? 7 ideas!

With the money raised in the retirement money pool, you've decided to buy the gift(s) yourself to celebrate your colleague. It's important to choose a gift according to your interests, your personality and, above all, your budget.

To avoid any blunders, ask your family or partner for advice... If the collection has been generous, you can opt for several small gifts to be given throughout the retirement party, or a single huge gift.

Here are a few suggestions, but there are as many ideas as there are people! Remember, the more you personalize them, the more you'll touch your colleague.

  1. A book of memories: there are many sites on which it's easy to create unique books and albums. Ask each colleague to contribute anecdotes, photos and personal messages. It's a gift that the retiree will be able to leaf through fondly on long winter evenings...
  2. A work of art: if your colleague is an art lover, consider giving them a painting, sculpture, photograph by their favorite artist.
  3. A piece of jewelry: whether for a man or a woman, giving a precious object is a strong mark of the relationship that has united you and the importance she has had in your professional life. Lean on her nearest and dearest to choose something that will really please her.
  4. A tech object: computer, tablet, connected watch, latest laptop, overhead projector, giant TV... There's no shortage of ideas to equip this new retiree just right!
  5. A fetish object: furniture, a woman's handbag, a collection of fishing rods or a complete golf bag... So many possibilities if you know exactly what the retiree dreams of!
  6. A trip or participation in a trip: there's nothing better for making the transition from working life to retired life than planning a nice trip. You can decide to donate the money in the money pool to help his loved ones organize this dream trip for him.
  7. A surprise visit: Our latest idea, which also costs nothing: organize a surprise visit to your colleague's home to show them you're thinking of them, even outside the office.

How much to give for retirement gift?

The question is: how much money should you give for a retirement gift?

The cost of a retirement gift can range from a few dozen to a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. The key is to give a gift that expresses the team's appreciation and best wishes for this new stage in the retiree's life.

As for how much you should personally put into your colleague's retirement gift money pool, that depends on two factors.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is the gesture, not the amount! The most important thing is to show the person retiring that you cared about them, and that you wish them all the best in this new phase of their life.

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