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Why an online money pool is the ideal gift idea for a baby shower?

Are you about to become the mother of your first child? Your best friend is expecting a baby, but surprise, it's twins... Did you know that an online money pool can be considered the ideal gift for a baby shower? And there are several reasons why. A baby shower online money pool is:

  1. A collective gift, flexible and easy to organize: an online baby shower money pool is simple and convenient to organize, whether by the mum-to-be herself or her entourage. In just a few clicks, you create the baby shower money pool, invite participants and manage contributions online. The other advantage of online baby shower pools is that they offer great flexibility to participants. They can contribute whatever amount suits them and their budget. Everyone feels comfortable contributing according to their financial situation.
  2. Choices for parents: parents can use the money in the money pool to buy exactly what they need for their future child. This allows them to purchase essential items or cover unexpected expenses.
  3. Avoid duplicates: with an online money pool, it's easier to coordinate guest contributions and avoid duplicates. Parents can thus avoid receiving the same gift more than once.
  4. Time savings: for participants, an online money pool saves them time by avoiding trips to buy gifts. It's a win-win situation.
  5. Waste reduction: by opting for an online money pool, parents can choose to buy only what they really need, helping to reduce waste.

What exactly is a baby shower?

The baby shower comes directly from the USA and has become very trendy. Quite simply, it's a baby shower to celebrate pregnancy and help expectant parents prepare for the arrival of their child. It takes place a few months or weeks before the baby's birth, and is organized in honor of the mother-to-be, or the soon-to-be-parent couple. A baby shower brings together friends, family and sometimes colleagues. Some make it an all-women party, others mix the sexes! The choice is yours...

What's certain is that the mother-to-be and her baby-to-be are at the center of the party and showered with gifts. Just as there are wedding lists and wedding gifts to accompany the couple in their early married life, now there are baby shower gifts aimed at baby! The mum-to-be receives gifts to make the first days easier for the baby and the parents: clothes, childcare articles, toys, diapers... Those who are the most committed offer games, activities and entertainment during the baby shower day, all related to motherhood and parenthood. All in a setting worthy of a maternity hospital. With living rooms transformed into a real nursery, complete with diapers, bottles, diapers, pacifiers and other kitschy baby decorations! And don't forget to feed the guests!

Baby shower: what to give to be sure to please?

When choosing a gift for a baby shower, the aim is to please the parents-to-be by giving them something useful, meaningful or memorable for their future baby. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to please:

Childcare essentials: Diapers, crib linens, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, thermometers, skin care products, and more. These are items that are always useful for new parents, and cost quite a bit!

Baby clothes: Body suits, pyjamas, cute and comfortable sets of baby clothes are always welcome. Don't necessarily choose the birth size, as an infant grows very fast! If you want to make the most of it, go straight for the 3-month size.

Themed gift basket: Create a gift basket around a specific theme, such as a care basket for mom, a basket of baby books, a basket of organic products and so on.

Books for babies: We assure you, even tiny babies love books. What's more, the range of books for babies is endless. Books with materials they can touch, put in their mouths, scratch, bath books, storybooks, nursery rhymes and bedtime stories. The choice is yours.

Baby equipment: If you have a larger budget, you may want to consider offering larger childcare items, such as a stroller, car seat, bed, high chair, etc. Make sure you know what the parents' needs are before buying these more expensive items.

Gifts for mom: Don't forget mom! Yes, mom also needs to be pampered before or after the birth. Opt for body care products, a massage, yoga sessions, a beauty treatment...

Newborn photo session: Offering a professional photo session for the newborn can create precious memories for parents.

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