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Creating an online honeymoon fund registry with Tiing means:

Why should I start a honeymoon fund?

A honeymoon is a unique moment in a couple's life, but it can be expensive, even very expensive. By creating an online fund, you can share your travel plans with friends and family, and give them the opportunity to contribute to this memorable trip.

What's more, an online honeymoon fund is convenient and secure. It avoids cash donations or checks, simplifying the management of contributions. We advise you to personalize your online fund on Tiing by describing your dream destination, the why of it, adding photos...

The more you personalize your fund, the more contributors will feel involved and want to participate. Finally, an online honeymoon fund offers the flexibility to use the money raised according to your needs. Whether for:

Funds can be allocated to make the travel unforgettable. With Tiing, you create your honeymoon fund in minutes, whether you're dreaming of a romantic getaway, an exotic jaunt, a baroud trek or a cruise to the ends of the earth.

Online honeymoon fund: how to use the money afterwards?

It all depends on how much you've raised and how you've organized your honeymoon. Have you raised a large sum that covers your entire honeymoon budget?

First of all, you're very lucky! If you've gone through a travel agency and they've organized everything for you: flights, accommodation, catering, car hire, activities... All you have to do is transfer the money to your account and pay the travel agency's bill. You know what's left to do: enjoy your honeymoon!

Are the funds raised part of your honeymoon budget? They'll lighten your own bill! Here again, in just a few clicks, you transfer the money to your account and pay for what you can afford with the honeymoon fund: plane tickets, hotel nights, an incredible on-site activity...

The important thing is to plan this trip according to your preferences and dreams, and to use the money in the fund to create unforgettable memories.

How much should you budget for your honeymoon?

The budget required for a honeymoon varies considerably depending on various factors, such as the destination chosen, the length of the trip, the type of accommodation, the activities planned, the mode of transport and personal preferences. Here are a few tips to help you determine an approximate budget for your honeymoon:

  1. Local or nearby destination: if you choose a local or nearby destination, such as a weekend getaway to a nearby town, the average cost could be between 1,000 and 5,000 Canadian dollars, or even less depending on your choices.
  2. Popular international destinations: popular and romantic international honeymoon destinations, such as the Caribbean, Mexico or Europe, can cost on average between 5,000 and 10,000 Canadian dollars per person.
  3. Exotic luxury destinations: if you opt for an exotic luxury destination, such as the Fiji Islands, the Maldives, or a cruise to Antarctica, the average cost can exceed 10,000 Canadian dollars per person, or even more.
  4. Duration of trip: the length of your honeymoon will have an impact on the total cost. The budget is not the same for a long weekend or a 15-day romantic getaway.
  5. Type of accommodation: ditto, the type of accommodation you choose will affect your honeymoon budget. A luxury hotel or private villa will cost more than a vacation club or campsite.

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