What is a group gift ?

A “group” gift is the act of getting a group of people together in order to give one collective present. The more contributors there are, the greater the means to buy the perfect gift. Let’s put an end to the multitude of sometimes identical small gifts and welcome the arrival of the big, perfect gift!

Organising Group gifts is an increasingly popular phenomenon due to its practicality and efficiency. It is easy for the contributors, who have gift choosing taken off their hands, and even more interesting for the lucky gift receiver !

Choosing a gift is always a delicate task but with group gifts it is no longer a chore. Make way for the group gift collectively chosen and that will bring even more pleasure.

A group gift, for what occasion ?

There are as many occasions as there are potential gift ideas. It’s up to you to choose the right occasion, like for example :

How to organise a group gift ?

Organising a group gift couldn’t be any easier!
Three steps, that’s all there is to it :

  1. get together a group of friends who wish to participate in the group gift
  2. choose the gift.
  3. collect the money to buy the gift. For this you have two options :
    • Place an envelope during an event in which people can place their contributions.
    • Create an online money pot.

In this digital day and age it is very easy to create a money pot to buy this group gift! With money pots, the money needed to buy the gift is collected quickly and easily. No one has to loan the cash as collection takes place before the event. Contributing is done easily and securely online. An online money pot is the practical and secure solution to organising group gifts .

How much to give for a group gift ?

You want to give a group gift and you’re wondering how much to dedicate to it ?
Finding “the right price” can be problematic. It all depends on the occasion, the type of event, the relationship you have with the receiver, the number of contributeurs, etc...
Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer to this question. Contributions to a group gift could be from 10$ to 500$.
Let your heart and your wallet speak, you are the only one to know what you can afford. Otherwise, here are two solutions :

Otherwise, here are two solutions :

Solution 1:
Ask the organiseur what the recommended contribution amount is.

Solution 2:
Look at what the others have contributed and follow the trend. With online money pots you can often see what others have given, this can give you a good idea of the amount to give.

Now it's your turn !

Create your money pool

Create your money pool

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