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Tiing is edited by Société 9375-1865 ǪUÉBEC INC.
Was incorporated on March 15, 2018 under the Business Corporations Act (R.L.R.Ǫ. chapter S-ˇ31.1), the Company's head office is located at 2020 avenue Letourneux, in the city of Montreal, H1V2N4, Canada, in the judicial district of Montreal and registered with the Registraire des entreprises under the Enterprise Number of Ǫuébec (NEǪ) 1173516643.
Tiing is registered under the number 4823 activity: Internet service providers and search portal sites. The site makes it easy for several people to spend money together.

All users of or visitors to the website must carefully and regularly read these general terms and conditions of use ("GTCU").


Collection : refers to the operation carried out by a money pool organizer to request a bank transfer.

Guest : refers to the user or visitor who has been invited to take part in a money pool.

Account : refers to the online space allocated to each user of the website upon registration.

Participant : refers to the Internet user who has made a contribution to a Money pool.

Participation : designates the amount paid by a participant to a money pool.

Money Pool : designates the money pool created by an organizer.

Organizer : refers to the user who has created a money pool.

Site : refers to the website.

User : refers to the visitor registered on website.

Visitor : refers to a non-user visiting the website.

Purpose and scope

These Terms and conditions of use ("T&C’s") detail the conditions under which the company 9375-1865 ǪUÉBEC INC offers access to its services. Thus, they describe the entirety of the reciprocal obligations between the company 9375-1865 ǪUÉBEC INC and the visitors and users of the site.
The T&C’s apply for the entire duration of use of the website.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

The Terms and Conditions of Use must be read carefully and accepted.

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must leave the website.

Any person who uses the site, whether this use results in the creation of a money pool, the issue of a request for reimbursement, the payment of an entry or the creation of an account, declares that he or she has read the present Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by them.


By using the site, the visitor or user declares that he/she has full legal capacity to use Tiing's services and undertakes to use these services only for lawful purposes and in accordance with good morals.

Registration and login

Registration on the website is mandatory to create a money pool and benefit from a bank transfer. However, you don't need to be registered to take part in a money pool.

To become a user, it is necessary to fill in the registration form accessible from the home page of the site or when creating a money pool. Registration requires acceptance of these T&Cs. When registering, visitors guarantee the accuracy of the data they provide.

The user is solely responsible for his/her login details, consisting of a valid email address and password, and for the use of his/her account. Tiing cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the use of a user's login by a third party and/or the loss of a user's login by a user.

Money pool creation and administration


Any user can create a money pool if they wish. To do so, they must enter:

What's more, organizers can upload an image of their choice to illustrate their money pool, as well as choose the category of their event using different, self-explanatory pictograms.

The name of the event, its description and the name of the organizer must be filled in carefully. These fields determine the purpose of the mandate given by the participants to the organizer. Their content is the sole responsibility of the organizer.

A number of options, such as participant anonymity, contribution amounts and information for the organizer, are at the organizer's discretion and will soon be available on the site. Lastly, the organizer can set a deadline for participation in the money pool, which is displayed to guests as an indication only.


Once the money pool has been created, the organizer can :

In general, the organizer is responsible for the administration of the money pool. He/she is responsible for ensuring that all elements on the money pool page comply with current regulations and good morals.

Promo codes

Promo code Influenceuse Sarah: $20 offered to the first 20 money pool who use this promo code provided that the amount exceeds or is equal to $200 and reaches a minimum of 6 contributions.

Participation in a money pool


Guests can participate in the money pool by making a payment using their credit card.

The payment platform is managed by the Stripe secure payment interface.

The guest may also decline the invitation.

By making a contribution to a money pool, the participant authorizes the organizer to use all or part of the contribution to finance the event described on the money pool page. In the case of a sale, the payment of a participation entails the conclusion of a sales contract between the organizer and the participant, in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed on the money pool page.

Internet users should only participate in money pool where the organizer is someone they trust.

As Tiing is not the final recipient of the funds, it does not issue invoices. Stripe will send a payment confirmation email that will act as an invoice.

Withdrawal of participation

The participant may, as long as the money pool has not been collected or closed and without giving a reason, request the withdrawal of his participation. To be valid, the withdrawal must be requested from Withdrawal may be partial, in which case the amount to be reimbursed must be specified in the request.

Withdrawal entails reimbursement of the participation fee within fifteen (15) days.
However, the commission paid to Tiing cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

The participant is solely responsible to the money pool organizer for the consequences of withdrawing his or her participation. The $1 charge levied by Tiing for financial expenses at the time of each entry is non-refundable.

Customer knowledge

In accordance with regulations, we must identify certain users.

Tiing reserves the right to ask users to authenticate themselves if it deems this necessary as part of the procedure defined by anti-money laundering and antiterrorist financing regulations.

Using the Money pool

The organizer is solely responsible for the proper use of the funds collected, i.e. the cumulative sum of the entries in his money pool. Where applicable, this use must comply with the mandate given by each participant. The participant declares to have been informed that Tiing is in no way responsible for the use made by the organizer of the amount of the participations.

The organizer must reside in Canada and have a bank account in Canada in order to request payment into his bank account.

If desired, the organizer can collect from the "My Account" interface, option "Use money". To access this option, they must enter their password and e-mail address. To collect funds, a bank transfer must be requested. To do so, the organizer must choose one of three payment methods, and must enter a security question and a security answer for a transfer to his bank account. The amount of a deposit is the total amount collected in the money pool. It is not possible to request only part of the amount collected at this time.

Only transfers to a credit institution in CANADA are possible. The organizer is responsible for the data he gives to Tiing and Stripe for the purpose of a transfer. The transfer will be made within a maximum of 5 to 7 working days once the organizer has requested the payment. Tiing cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information given by the user for the transfer.


For Tiing's service:

Illegal, fraudulent events

The organizer undertakes not to organize any illegal events. Illegal events include, but are not limited to, radical or discriminatory extremist meetings, pornographic or violent events.

Tiing reserves the right to suspend the event and take the organizer offline if an illegal event is organized, or more generally in the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use, or if the feedback from participants to the company's customer service department is negative.

In this case, Tiing may block funds for an indefinite period and reserves the right to reimburse participants (excluding commission).

Cancelling an account

The user may request cancellation of his account. To do so, he/she must inform Customer Service at After a maximum period of fifteen (15) days, the cancellation is effective. The user will then no longer have access to his personal space and will no longer be able to administer the money pools he has created.

If there are any unclosed money pool that have been entered, the customer service department will inform the user, who must indicate within fifteen (15) days whether he wishes to collect his money pool. At the end of this period, silence on the part of the user will result in the automatic cancellation of the money pool. The organizer is solely responsible for the consequences of cancellations with the participants.

Account deletion

Tiing reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user's account immediately and without notice in the event of a breach of these TOS.

Cancellation of an account has the same effect as termination.

Personal data protection

The platform is committed to protecting your personal data. It is committed to ensuring the highest level of protection for this data in compliance with the French Data Protection Act.

The collection of your data is necessary for the management of your requests, the creation of money pool, the follow-up of the participation in an online money pool or the improvement of the navigation on the website. Mandatory and non-mandatory data are indicated on the site's collection forms. If you do not provide "mandatory" data, your request will not be processed.

Your data will not be passed on to third parties. Should information be passed on to commercial partners, your prior consent will be requested.

When you connect to the website, one or more cookies are installed on your terminal.

Customer data is kept for 5 years from the closing date of your money pool, or for participants, 5 years from the closing date of the money pool concerned, unless otherwise stipulated by law. Data collected via cookies is only kept for thirteen months.

Tiing's liability for access to the website

Tiing makes every effort to ensure secure access to the website, but cannot be held responsible for any difficulties in accessing the site or occasional malfunctions, as its operation depends in part on factors beyond Tiing's control.

Tiing reserves the right to suspend access to the site for maintenance. Tiing may also modify the site as it sees fit in order to improve its services.

Tiing does not guarantee that the site will work with all browsers, operating systems, software configurations and computer equipment. In the event of incompatibility, please contact customer service by e-mail at

General limitation of liability

In the event of a dispute with one or more Users or Visitors to the Site, Tiing's liability, regardless of the basis, motivation or form of the action, will be limited to the damages suffered.

Severability of clauses

The nullity, lapse, lack of binding force or unenforceability of one of the stipulations of these T&Cs shall not entail the nullity, lapse, lack of binding force or unenforceability of the other stipulations, which shall remain in full force and effect.

User disputes or requests

Any dispute or request relating to :

must be immediately notified to Tiing by the user by email to

Modification of the Terms of Use

Tiing may modify these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time without notice. The modifications will be applicable as soon as they are published on the site at

Continued use of the site by users or visitors implies their acceptance of the latest published version of the T&C’s.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These T&C’s are governed by Canadian law. Except in the case of the application of a mandatory law (which will apply only to the strict extent of its purpose), it is expressly stipulated that in the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation, validity and consequences of these TOU, and in the absence of a prior amicable solution, the courts of Montreal will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Legal information : The company

Tiing is edited by Société 9375-1865 ǪUÉBEC INC. was incorporated on March 15, 2018 under the Business Corporations Act (R.L.R.Ǫ. chapter S-ˇ31.1), the Company's head office is located at 2020 avenue Letourneux, in the city of Montreal, H1V2N4, Canada, in the judicial district of Montreal, and registered with the Registraire des entreprises under Enterprise Number of Ǫuébec (NEǪ) 1173516643.Tiing is registered under number 4823 activity: Internet service providers and search portal sites.


The site is hosted by OVH INC. 800-1801 av. McGill College - Montreal (Ǫuébec) - H3A 2N4 - Canada under the entity

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