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How can a funeral donation help a grieving family?

A death is a particularly painful and difficult ordeal.

It's not always easy to know how to support our loved ones who are facing bereavement. An online funeral donation can provide significant support:

In times of bereavement, in addition to grief, there are unexpected expenses related to funerals and other costs associated with the loss of a loved one. The online money pool allows friends, family and the community to contribute in a transparent and respectful way to help alleviate this financial burden.

What's more, it provides a space to express condolences and messages of support, creating a sense of community and solidarity that is comforting for the bereaved family.

An online memorial fund can therefore play a vital role in offering valuable financial and emotional support to a grieving family when they need it most.

Before setting up an online memorial fund, it's crucial to consult your family to make sure they agree to the process. It's important to ensure that it meets their needs and preferences. Respecting their wishes is your only guide.

How much to give to a memorial fund?

The online money pool for a funeral will most often help to pay the expenses incurred during the funeral.

The costs are quite substantial between:

There is no specific or universally recommended amount to donate in such a money pool. The amount varies according to a number of factors that we'll explain to you. But remember: every donation, whatever the amount, is appreciated because it will be seen, above and beyond the amount, as a particularly welcome gesture of support at this time of mourning.

  1. What relationship did you have with the deceased or the family? This is the first question that will weigh on the donation you're going to make. A priori, the closer you were to the deceased, the more you want to give.
  2. What is your financial capacity? You're not going into debt and bank overdraft to participate in this pot. It's essential to give what you can, without putting yourself in financial difficulty. Everyone has different resources and everyone does as they can.
  3. What is the collective reach of this kitty? Generally, many people contribute to a funeral donation, which means that even small donations add up to reach the goal. The important thing is to participate and show your support.

When can you create a online donation for funeral?

Once again, there are no general or specific rules. There is no "ideal time" to create an online funeral fund. It all depends on the context, each case is unique and mourning, a long stage. Nevertheless, the online money pool is a practical and fast way to mobilize financial support in times of bereavement, whatever phase of the grieving process it is created in.

Here are a few times when it's a good idea to create an online money pool for a funeral:

Immediately after the death: you can create an online money pool as soon as you are informed of the death, especially if funeral or medical expenses are an immediate concern for the deceased's loved ones. This allows friends and family to start contributing quickly.

Before the funeral: many online money pools are set up before the funeral to help cover associated expenses such as the funeral service, coffin, flowers, reception. This helps relieve the family of some financial concerns at this difficult time.

After the funeral: sometimes memorial funds are created after the funeral to help the family in this new life. The loss of a loved one can mean a loss of income or a major reimbursement of expenses already incurred by the family. This fund provides long-term support for the survivors.

Anniversary of death or special date: some people choose to create an online funeral donation on the anniversary of death or other special dates to commemorate the deceased and raise funds in their memory.

In case of unexpected financial needs: if the bereaved family is faced with unexpected financial needs after the death, such as uncovered medical bills or other expenses, an online money pool can be created at that time.

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