Online Birthday Money Collection to make your life easier.



In just a few clicks create and personalize a birthday money collection to give the most beautiful presents.



Collect the money by simply sharing the link to the group birthday gift with your family and friends.



The money is transferred to your account quickly and securely! The transfer will appear in your bank account within 5 to 7 business days.



Yes, don’t forget to thank all those who contributed to the group birthday gift! And if possible before the day of the birthday.

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Your online birthday money pot with Tiing is :

How to make an online birthday money pot?

Is it one of your loved one’s birthdays? Would you like to get him a gift that he will remember for a long time? Choose an online money pot! You’ll be able to spoil them as they deserve!

Thanks to the creation of a collective money pot, you and your loved ones will give them the most beautiful of gifts!

Don’t waste any time! Optimize your chances of giving them a gift that will please them and that will please them more than the ones before!

Let’s end it with loads of small presents and make place for a big beautiful present.

Because the more people participate in the common money pot, the bigger the budget and therefore the bigger the gift!

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