The idea behind Tiing

Tiing is a platform that simplifies the collection of money between a group of people.

It is a Money pot service which simplifies the act of collecting money for all occasions:

It's super fast, secure and really fun !!

How does it work ?

Tiing in 4 steps :

  1. I create my pot, a dedicated web page for my purpose. Adding a beautiful photo and some explanatory text : what is the occasion, what will it be used for, how long will it last, who will receive it...
  2. I can share my pot with friends, family and contacts.
  3. Those that wish to contribute do so through secure payment directly on my pot.
  4. At the end of the given time I can collect the money or transfer it to the beneficiary.

You no longer need to pay for others, then ask for the money back, and ask again. Then manage cash or multiple Interac transfers to get your money back. Tiing does everything for you!

The story

Tiing is a “Fintech” platform launched in Montreal, Quebec in June 2018 by 3 entrepreneurs. The idea: offer a solution aiming to simplify the collection of money in a group.

Tiing was created in order to offer a tool that is easy to use, efficient and secure. The Interface is user friendly and allows the user to easily create a pot in a few clicks. Contributing to a pot is quick, secure and you don’t even need to create an account.

A secure solution

In the interest of maximum security we work closely with our payment partners Stripe and the National Bank of Canada, who are both leaders in their fields.

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