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Use Tiing for all occasions

Group gift

Divide the cost of gifts with your friends, coworkers, colleagues, and family


Set up your crowdfunding campaign in a few clicks and start collecting donations for your project or the cause you are defending !

Special events

Avoid gift lists and ask for money instead for a wedding or birth

How does it work?


Create your money pool

Tell your story to collect effectively


Share your money pool

Collect money without the need to claim and revive by sharing just the link of your money pool or on social networks


Use your money pool

Quickly and securely transfer money

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Here are some reasons that will make you love Tiing

  • 1

    Our world-famous partner, Stripe, ensures the confidentiality of your transactions

  • 2

    The interface has been designed to simplify as much as possible the organization of your money pool

  • 3

    Tiing allows you to share your Money Pool easily with those around you

  • 4

    No hidden fees
    Tiing is transparent on requested commissions

  • 5

    No need to create an account to contribute

100 000 Users

Already more than 100 000 users have lived the Cagnotte experience online

$ 4 million raised

Already more than $ 4 million collected by our users

100 % secure

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